triptych medley

triptych medley
*inner theatre karaoke
stepping out
into the night
hear my heart shout
feeling alright
All night long
we would sing that crazy song,
believe in lies destiny might bring to us
Venturing highways splashed in sunshine
wide sky plays songs, deranged and stranger
than moonshine
We’re gonna go, I know, into the flow
dressed in moonlight
Gentle cadence cradles,
waves sound their roar,
crash onto shore.
High flight
into mystery
without a sound
never touch down.
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Is there a prayer that matters
before you send the bomb?
Before the whole world shatters,
do you have a final word;
can anyone be heard?
Are you with me, Major?
When the free wind tangles through your hair
and all the world is made of air
far beyond your last despair
laugh exposed, without a care
when mist surrounds
nothing seems real, or out of bounds
Lifted on melody
Nobody knows
just how it goes
Outrider flying in the starshine
where smiles flare wider, stairways higher
than Alcapulco Gold
just let me touch that burn of open road
before my future’s bought and sold
(to be continuous)  

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