Enchanting (for Kala Snowflower)

(for Kala Snowflower)
Magical child, the world awaits you.
Not just this place,
any world you care to grace,
relate to, turn your lovely face to.
“We love you”
sing the winds, the seas,
the creatures large and small.
“We love you always”
Swing of exultation into the night;
you turn it to charming revelry.
Play that haunting melody.
It moves you
into a chance to name your trance,
to name us all
as we, before your eyes,
the skies will dance for you,
will open wide their hearts of stars.
Sparkling through the dark,
Shining into day.
You play.
All of creation joins voice to your song,
creating worlds of joy.

2 thoughts on “Enchanting (for Kala Snowflower)

  1. I just oh so late learned of Kala/ Ix’chel Neve’s passing
    My heart is drowning in tears
    My eyes search for her blessing

    Nuit Report: weekly astrology Feb 27-Mar 6: Full Moon in Virgo. Matters of “Ultimate Concern”.
    Aepril’s Astrology

    I dedicate this Nuit Report to the memory of Ix’chel Neve. A bright beacon of Love and Light in this world, who continues to open hearts and inspire even as she has transitioned to the other side. A free spirit, poet, and Sister who’s openness and shared experience has been unutterably beautiful. We have collectively received a great gift in her, just by her existence on this plane, and she will be terribly missed by many.

    This week we have several aspects and events that invite us to strongly consider matters of “Ultimate Concern”. Venus makes strong contacts with the ongoing (and culminating) Uranus-Pluto square. We are called to ask ourselves what it is that we truly value—what will matter in the end when we question the meaning of our lives? Do we live in a manner that aligns us with what we truly hold with love, beauty, and value?

    The Full Moon at 14 degrees Virgo conjuncts Black Moon Lilith thurs March 5. This asks us to become integrated (or into integrity) with our passion, instincts and sexuality, connecting it with our sense of spirituality, love, and intelligence. We are invited to be more whole, more free. Why are we alive? If today was the last day, what would you most want to make sure that you did? Said? Felt? Loved? Experienced?

    “Do not be afraid.
    The God is passionate.
    The Goddess compassionate.
    In Death prepare to live again
    Come Spring.”

    excerpt from “Change”
    Ix’chel Jaguar, October 2014. (C. 2014 , Michelle Neve)”


    Michelle wrote poetry for over 40 years starting at the age of 7. She left 17 books in digital form spanning the years from 1997-2014 (as well as more in handwritten form). Here are selections from some her many poems. As of this writing her books are being edited and will be self-published in the early summer.”


    Kala Joy reading Poetry at Beards of Valenccio – Aug 2013
    Published on Mar 4, 2015
    Kala Joy Neve (aka Ix’chel Jaguar) reading her own poetry at the Beards of Valenccio Art Salon on Aug 16, 2013. The 3 pieces she reads are In the Center, Wasp Dreams, and Cancer.



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