Loving Meditation

If of intimate ties, affection,
you feel bereft,
perhaps you lack ardent acceptance
devout duty demands.
Resist forced codes and
ritual, expected wishes.
Look!  Travel mindful panorama
of you from early memories,
each significant nexus
marking direction
to now.
Blessings missing from your consciousness
were never meant for others to fulfill.
Love you give yourself
expands 4-fold:
Insightful embrace deepens your psychic well of delight.
The world is gifted ripples
of your love.
You tend your eternal spirit with
essential energy
to create what is great
within your destiny.
You offer exalted example
to uplift humanity.
Do not be afraid to love.
Do not be ashamed to love the
being closest to your heart.
Learn the meaning of loving charity.
It is not about dying for demonic sins.
It’s fulfilling happiness
through your own loving kindness.
Living a vision of love.

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