In corporation

I am that I am.
You as my servant are charged
to make certain I never want nor
encounter less than the best,
nothing to sully my arrogant expectation.
And so for my children,
so long as they
do not question my authority.
Yes, snake, I hire for my utility
uncovering hidden resources,
slithering into the low places,
heralding my majesty,
hissing into obsequious ears
my requirements.
Never were you meant to
usurp your station, to
slither into my daughter’s dreams.
Rebellious children cannot
be countenanced.
Out I cast you, into the wilderness
stripped of your privileged ignorance.
Live or die on your own cunning.
I have no time for your precious pleas.
I have worlds to sculpt and fortunes
to arrange.
Out on the plains
multi-colored cotton candy spins
woven silk butterflies
dance on marionette strings.
Wondrous worlds appear
floating inside soap bubbles.
Heretic progeny, you forsake me,
creating a carnival of bliss
never anticipated in my prospectus.

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