Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra

Sitting here, in the cluttered fan-cooled kitchen
while a storm-brewing wind rustles
through the garden below.
The California wine tastes tart and sticky.
The wine tells me stories, you know.
It’s the redness and the way the light reflects
against the glass, along with the drug.
Hearing voices in the silent darkness,
I listen without question.
As the night slowly falls,
I envision fantasies of former lives:
Glistening ball gowns and a smiling orange moon
in a starlit sky appear in my mind’s eye
along with
jugglers and dancers.
A fortune-telling maiden in glorious rags
places cards upon a table:
“The red one is Death; the white one is Honour;
the green one is Fortune; the blue one is Love.”
She lives in a log cabin with a unicorn and goat
who feed and clothe her and keep her safe.
There are many things I need to know
and few to tell me.
So I listen to the wine’s stories.
I wish it were my garden, below.
I would go out barefoot and gather ripe vegetables
under the moon,
breathing deeply of the cool night air.

2 thoughts on “Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra

  1. The grapes don’t lie? Much to be learned from them and from “fortune telling maidens”…who have been known to “see things” in the cards…that aren’t really there, except for the power of “suggestion”. Made me think of a much younger me…barefoot, gathering vegetables and wondering what the world had to offer a “free spirit” seeking for answers…a long time ago.
    Beautiful poem…


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