Glow World

Go with the glow, bioluminescent
inscrutable bright night flare
a grove of ashes
a nest of vipers
symbiote idyll lair
The forest is old,
wild terrain
obscured in ghosts and mysteries,
stained in sad savagery,
sculpted by fallen stars, drifting seas
exulted pleasure,
eternal bed of decaying leaves, scents of adventure.
There is primal fire here.
Glowing coals that never relented keep
warm our restless slumber;
feeding us through famine
burnt remnants, perennial weeds, piquant renderings.
The glow screams of escape —
our demons free
through fingertips, lips, oozing.
Cauterized wounds re-inflame, never heal.
Scenery, like a trellis
slowly turning, pauses at this
burnished gate.
shudders seismically.
Angels of light,
diamonds in the night
shatter into promises – pristine repose,
honour, flowing strength —
of charismatic grace.
Go with the glow.

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