Over the Rainbow

New edge, over the rainbow.
Sparkling arch above radiates through iridescent swamp.
Lush green
Mystic desert silken kissed
with drought-killing snow.
Who do we ever really know?
Sins and shadow lore
erupt like boils, or
volcanoes dormant for years.
Sardonic smiles:
“Caught you! Thought I was blind?
Or a fool! Can’t catch me twice, with
one eye sleeping. My fury knows
no writs nor injunctions.
Take your medicine, writhe in
agony; lose integrity,
become a thing of poignant
beauty, limping off into bitter
No dignity. No glory.
In verdant trance, I sneak through a crack
above the world.
Here centered, we free spritely bake bread;
forge goldless, sublime treasure; sing
holy melodies into the hopeward ears of
distant, misbegotten slaves.
In times of dissolution a song on the radio,
slipping through the airwaves,
tells us something true.
Sometimes I look at you,
and see wonder’s child,
rainbows shining in
wide-open dreaming eyes.

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