Welcome to the Twilight Zone

Welcome to the twilight zone
for twilight presages the night
the beautiful, magickal night
where any wish can happen
any hope can be revealed.
I ride a marvelous dark mare over evanescent swamplands,
mysterious passageways into undiscovered treasure hoards.
There is so much, mirroring its way into the future,
recombining images, sounds, visions, eerie macabre skeletal touch.
Endless morphing whirls through me.
Each change fleetingly touches its sweet taste onto my tongue,
eternally cherished in magnificent instant.
There is no future in this moment, no past, no present,
only surreal landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes.
An anticipatory quality moves, dances,
ever out of reach, never coalesces into form.
This is the essence of magick.
This is the promise, the curse, the incantation, the lycanthrope’s roar.
This is the homeland of vampires, goblins, sorcerers from beyond.
This is the holy see, the mist shrouded mountain peek, the smoky lake,
the boundaryless mystery.
Welcome to the twilight zone,
expanding band of pale purple sky
that draws us home.

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