Boldly we go where so many have gone before.
Each informed by unique set and setting.
Some perform alchemy, mixing metaphors
upon a marble altar,
tell sooth, or constantly map the stars.
We regale ancient fantasies,
costumed to fit the current fashion.
There are werecreatures, energy vampires,
Lions and Tigers and Bears,
insects infected with rare, mutant archetypes
— angry demons mating with our own cells
to destroy us.
Lethal conspiracies of demon-men,
bent on self-destruction of their/our whole half-species.
Warships and projectiles of evil
invade our consciousnesses, destroying our enchantments.
There are armies of the night, marching,
conscripting our young, our heartland, our hierophants.
We watch, and scribble notes, often indecipherable.
We taunt like banshees, chattering primates,
impressed with our own noise.
Sometimes we forget for a bit, slip out of the script.
We awaken to find ourselves singing;
creating heavenly music.

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