The world bleeds.
Life consumes encircled life.
Energy turns lethal,
the sum paid.
Slipping away, helpless recession, mirage of wealth
heaped on salted desert.
Riffs animate resilient form, Queenly grace.
She carries many faces.
Grandeur adorns Her.
Deadly nano minions
slip, slink through
kinky crevices.
“Pinch me!”
“Beat me!”
“Devour my impure flesh.”
Salivate outrage, all the ill
humours, masques of gleeful
This is no delusion;
no sinful memory
blurred in twilight vengeance.
Crows, ravens, portents in
black flight gather above.
Crown of shrieks, feather
cascade, rain like pestilence.
No blame in blindness.
“I could not see through feathered fog;
could not save you.”
I clasp my guilt like well-earned scars,
treat myself to belt bound arm,
sweet bitter sting,
ecstasy of retreat.
“Empty dreams, my love, my world,
my semblance of real.”  Lull angry
seas with chemical castration.
Blow a kiss to uplift brief vacation.
The dance of End Times ready to
embrace, accept my plea.
Better to breathe secret fantasies, embroider
internal rhythm.
Feed on ambient schism.  Better to scamper
inside, let chance arise.
The latest lullaby sets the code.
Don’t listen to me.
The world is bleeding.
Taste it.

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