Night Prayer

Black dog, black dog,
take me to your master.
Guide me to your leader.
Shepherd me to depths of
the land where I must meet her.
Sorrow, horror,
can’t go farther.
Have to kneel, my master.
Need to be seen, my leader.
Have to know there’s somewhere,
a place to feel believed in.
Show me, tell me.
Shake me to my core,
’til I have no more
reason, rationale;
’til I know I’ve gone to Hell.
Know, you, all, I wish you well.
I wish, I wish, a wishing well
that I might drown.
I wish I may, I wish I might.
I wish my sum turns out alright.
I find my will is burning bright.
I find my shining inner sight
stunned by the profound delight
I find I am allowed.

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