Drunken Sestina

Death rejects my plea
One more disappointment
drowned in sorrowful wine
drunken by the seafull
Cast away till morning
Another dreaded day
Cursing break of day:
“Bright sky be gone,” my plea
Heavy hours of morning
Slow drip disappointment
cascades into seafull
caustic as poisoned wine
Mind unstaunched by wine
Relentless pain of day
pours down by the seafull
to taunt my fervent plea
Blinding disappointment
And still only morning
Yes, endless morning
Bereft of evening’s wine
Only disappointment
to pave this weary day
Behold my abject plea
puking by the seafull
Dreams, serene seafull
Drowned to naught by morning
I hear my echoed plea
sink into dregs of wine
To hide from light of day
caves of disappointment
Crass disappointment
crashing down, a seafull
No other kind of day
enters after morning
No quantity of wine
drowns out my mournful plea
Disappointment plea
spews each day a seafull
of bitter morning wine

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