Feudal Diffraction

Above, beyond color charts.  Hierarchy decides.
Hoarders of permission slips for supplies
which brick gets laid, or even fired;
who lives well, or excessively;
who scrapes a while until they no longer get by.
No errant genetic code that compels stupidity.
Mind shaping social propriety provokes insanity
— a kind of manic compulsive,
depressive obsessive,
mass delusion,
St. Vitus line-dance to a zombie
caller’s tune.
What to do?
Meme-web reconstruction in increments
Paradigm warping incidents
Realign the pulse of macro/microsphere
Benign gibberish cy-phones through?
Take back time.
Take back your right to self-valuation.
Take back your place
outside of the lines.
Our comfort requirements, self-fulfilling desires,
greater outpouring toward glory and grace
may grow from strong base
of solid infrastructure,
fruitful interplay,
free and expansive expression.
Let us take hands,
share eyes, ideas, create beatific space,
Let us be and do and feel
that which bequeaths permission
to be whole.

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