Again, I Demand, “Merry Christmas”

Merry Mass of Christ
riven upon the four-fold way
cut into deity and man
at the crossroads
in the witching hour.
Sing praise of all things holy.
Make us to see, feel that pain,
horror of wrenching heart
from spirit.  Blithe, obliging
demonic Angel Fate,
each generation descends
into fiery pits of abuse
reaching, reaching
into and out of the story, the warning.
If Christ is love,
if love is what we truly worship, eyes closed
in holy communion,
what keeps us riven
on the crossroads?
What keeps us from reaching out
to bind each other’s wounds?

One thought on “Again, I Demand, “Merry Christmas”

  1. Laurie, this is wonderful. I have been asking the same question over the years that I have assisted people in coming to terms with abuse, hidden within the dark places of a family consciousness. It makes me ache to feel your words and know the weight of them.


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