Wintry Forecast

White denotes purity,
cold somber reason.
Winter’s the season
turning inward,
reflecting light.
Sunbeams on drifting snow
cast shadows, expose
past images layered below.
To see, to feel, to breathe
all luxury.  To hold,
transmit as manifest energy.
To paint upon translucent canvas
liminal etchings, private muses
generously revealed.
Identity refined, re-gifted,
planted in potent fertility.
Visions, cantations,
the tinsel of starlight;
the subtle scent of frigid night;
the feather touch of eternity.
Let me fall into velvet voice, enchanting form,
move with conscious rhythm;
caressed within words’ and worlds’
Cozy beside home’s translucent, receptive door,
wise old fire djinn awhirl in sumptuous fantasies.
Grab tight to this wondrous globe of fortune,
shake for your life, your destiny.
Snow descends, flies within desire’s fortress.
Light, free, prism-pure, soothes, excites.
Colours collide, glow, sparkle, entice eyes.
Lost in extreme streaming radiant stars emit molten fire.
Resplendent figures morph through incandescence.
Luna streams,
showers starlight.
Resurrected child beams
with myth’s expectations.
Stark branches pierce night sky.
Pine scented snow, a present
of celestial laughter.
Unafraid of fear,
warm slippers, teddy bear,
blankets soft as clouds,
texture of welcome
Bless my wandering soul, dark as a pregnant mole
burrowing for winter.
The smell is soft — not like danger .
The child, snowblind and cold,
closes inward, cries for comfort.
Luna, far and bright, burns
with wishes.

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