Merry Triptych

season’s greeting
For this season’s greeting
I give the gift of joy.
Hold it close and wear it well.
Share it with the ones you tell
Your season’s greetings to.
Open wide your heart, your eyes
Breathe deeply, smell the warming spice
Reach out, reach up, reach to the skies
Believe again in “fellow men”
Believe in wisdom’s beauty
Believe in joy — and tell your friends:
“This is our greatest duty.”
For as joy fills our hearts, we leave no room for
As joy fills our lives, we learn to live in peace.
Holiday Giving
Outreaching love
Deep healing warmth
Safe harbor home
Benevolence assured
Fulfilling Hope
Affirming Joy
Abiding Peace
Hugging’s good
Laughs are fun
Relaxed in love with every one
Gifting Peace
Gifting Hope   
Gifting Joy!
Merry Christmas
Happy Solstice
Every day of light and play
Every spritely holiday
Opening to heart
Cherishing each part
of the living
of the giving
Voices lilt in melody
My song I give to you:
Live in joy   Live in peace   Live in love
Enthralled in Light
    Christmas trees enthralled in light
    Bright red and green displays
    Shop windows decked in frosty scenes
    Concerts, Carols, Plays
    Santa’s sleigh displayed on lawns
        and rooftops
    Holly!  Mistletoe!
    Christmas cards arrive each day
        with memories of long ago.
    Welcome to another season’s
        greetings, parties, gifts and cheer
    Make it wonderful; make it grand!
    For you and all whom you hold dear —
    Merry Christmas, once again;
    And dreams of peace for the new year.

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