12th Night

Cloud veiled moon.
Include me in your fantasy.
Gypsy waif cast out
into bitter night.
Beaming, at last, attune
to shadowed light,
every fiber alive
within this hidden span.
Silent lady walks, encaged.
Warns her knights to take care.
She knows she must be aware.
Stealthy executioner’s blade
ready to take her
should she falter or fall.
Soon she arrives at the
chink in the wall
where daylight seeps through.
Certain mornings she believes
it’s all true.
mere legends deep
in her mind.
Taste these last grapes
turned to mulled wine.
Drink to fulfillment
we only can find
private midnights,
private lands.
Mirage, mirror of fire.
Leaping children, sprites at play.
Redirected desire.
Free as air and rhythm,
this peaceful interval, space given
outside of time’s demands.
5-pointed star.
Centrically connected.
Asymmetry provides drive.
Powered by Past, Present, Future
Trinity.  Points of view transmute, spin through

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