Yearly Review

Imbibing visions
from myths’ multi-faced crystal goblet
encrusted with multi-faceted precious jewels,
etched arcane symbols.
Elated sprites cavort merrily akimbo.
Iridescent smoke
wafts into mauve sky.
Flitting out of form to kiss me
gently, teasingly,
licks to my lips, nibbling my eyelids.
I am tickled to foot-slapping laughter.
Rising to the occasion,
I quaff and toast the spirit
of buoyancy,
tippy balancing into a whirling grace.
What fun!
Carrying graceless leaden sacks
across my still lacerated back,
taking sustenance from weeping,
how can I reconcile?
Vivacious fairies and sylphs
come calling for my friendship,
offer brilliant love, heroic quest.
Knowing nothing of formal arrangements,
they giggle and swoop,
plait my hair with rainbow ribbons,
urge me to race out with them, to
join their play.
To whom did I make those promises,
and why,
that keep me imprisoned,
caught in some noxious warehouse,
fed on poison thorns
embedded in golden chains,
dying by degrees?

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