Aquarian Dreams

Open your third eye
And your fourth
And your fifth
Make a wish
And wrap it up in bubblegum
Stick it to your bedpost
To dream itself alive
Into your dream
That is your world.
There are wishes made of water
Waving out to sea
Caught in grief or glee
Cetacea, marine flora
Weaving eerie reverie
Into the evening
Into the night
Stream through heightened,
unaware of hours days.
There are prophetic dreams.
They haunt or
Creep upon conscious walls.
Tell all is not
As simple as it seems.
There are reasons, portents, allies.
There are dreams
That wishes would simply die for.
They take us out of bounds
Into faery realms and more.
Sprinkling gold spun out of
sparkling love and merriment.
Yes!  Revered imprint
That stamps us sold,
That fulfills our greatest hopes,
Carries us above
The most beneficent of clouds,
Cheers our spirits free.
There are dreams
That bind
Define identities
Expose deformities
Deny extremities
Create barriers and rifts
Look to differences
As definitions
Defend what they define.
There are dreams,
There are dramas,
There are visions.
Tell me yours;
I’ll tell you mine.

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