Mind Game

Mind can be more lonely
than body would imagine.
Mind can search for answers,
for questions,
for quests,
for endless conundrums,
and so enjoy the game.
Yet mind wants other minds
to play with,
to bring in ideas that surprise and excite.
It is spirit that knows to blend
and meld into all that is.
Yet spirit too can identify with
loneliness, as an essence, as a way to die
a little while caught
in the ecstasy of exquisite pain.
There must be a very important reason for loneliness.
There must be a wholeness of interconnection
that we truly need to attain.
I’ve been working the random universe
/intelligent design/mystical maya
one quite a bit lately. My conclusions are
sometimes random, highly emotive, itchy and veiled.
However, I had a revelation
about the dweller on the threshold
(a revelation to me at least).
It’s not about going over the threshold.
It’s about living that eternal magic
between the worlds and
enjoying the view from each side.
There may be a time when going onward
is appropriate; I don’t know.
First I have to build my home
on the threshold,
learn about living there,
learn who I am that I may have
myself as a trusted friend
on the continuing journey.

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