Propped up on sun heated metal,
pulling bottle shards from leathered feet.
Senses alert.  Taste, exotic flavor of strangers
in transcendent bursts. Salivating.
Tied in secret pact with dangerous night.
Injecting cooked up shards of shame.
Lull to sleep splintered realities, mirrors
obscured in dusty grease, finger marks grasping.
Blind leap into mesmerizing candle flame,
jumbled dreams more dependable
than waking jigsaw sky.
Run.  Endless empty road
lost in snow, laughing as flakes tickle
eyelash, melt against blood warm face.
No destination.
No fate written in DNA.
Aching from a dozen discomforts,
cold, wet, exhausted, alone.
Caught like Narcissus,
one more scentless Winter bloom.

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