Friendly Ghosts

That’s the missing piece!
Honor all the horrible feelings, enjoy them,
revel in them.
Make them my comrades,
becoming intimate acquaintances,
sharing secrets,
giggling over really bad humor,
forgiving our trespasses, and
admitting to the thrill.
I am responsible
for my own emotions,
who are also my buddies,
co-conspirators in the
b & e of life.
Hail to thee, derisive sprites,
cachinnating pixies,
gut-jabbing daemons
incanting chemical baths
invading my private neural net.
I salute you.
I bow to the waist,
convulse into belly laughs
— you are so droll.
We are of an essence.
A package, tied up in nervous bows,
inhabited by scurrying creatures
who answer to a common name.
My daemons, my closest friends;
only they truly understand me.
My friends and I,
we are starting to comprehend.
We may have joyful work to do,
each according to our abilities.

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