Veil Shift Reveal

stretch, open, release, proceed
feet spread forward, eyes seized flutter
temporal shift casts and drifts, torrents
take shape as awe
Lie awake to think beyond context.
Inklings, pixie dust, long infiltrate
alter-consciousness. Bright, twinkle like a
retinal code, like imprints of mystics’ art.
Stories with twists to expose different paths.
Songs that entwine backbrains, insist
we all dance one foot, one mind, one goal
or another.
Face off, blinded, emit sonic rays as walls
so steep, so hard, so badly soiled.
In quiet dark before twilight before time
vagrants paint with bloodied fingers, examine
interstice and flow.
Slowly, as viscous waste, then quicker pick up
of pace, then light takes hold, caresses gentle
as a kiss of friend intent.
Will you let it in?  Will you let your vision bend,
extend, begin?

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