The Ontology of Dreams

Centering out swim of widening spiral.
Phantom bits of fear and memory.
Feeling warily into new rooms, new climates,
desires, destinies.
It was important to lock the door to the
noisy hallway,
feeling my senses shift.
Surreal cinema, photographs in time, scenarios played
out of sequence.
A mother image leaves for a trip of no return.
Another image, unknotting blue ribbon in strong good humor,
attires to perform
outward from my center.
I tell you this, tell you my changing seas and travails.
It is important, opening the door, welcoming
delirious ghosts, chaos of omens.
Tell me, tell me, tell the tale of my mythos.
Spiraling out like galaxies,
photographs drift into uneasy orbit.
Antennae lick the flashpoint, releasing legend’s seer.
chimerical eyes realign into focus.

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