Eating, assimilation.
Sucking marrow into dissolution.
The way of the world.
Protest, resistance leaders
culled or recruited to serve.
Survival demands cunning,
strong resolve, dynamic destiny.
Whimpering implacably will not do.
Responsibility to extract nutrition from
(not become) the stew.
To reap ascendancy, to bloom,
root out fester of degradation.
Concentrate potency.
Synergize energy.
Catalyze victory.
Self-organize impeccably.
Transiting dark, light, between
complex landscapes, painted shades,
gradations of greys.
Where is the weather?
Who is our champion?
How have we decided
to obliterate our eyes,
escape in our smiles?
Colors inside lines, confined to a strict palette.
Images from unremembered dreams
packaged for quick profit.
The fashion of the times
defines expectations
coloring lives.
breaks down
easily.  Digestible steps.
Mischievous sprites
nibble out snowflakes,
spray flower brigades.
Sandcastle ripples rise,
dissolve.  Shallow moats swell.
Illusive clouds float, mirages aloft.
Waves clap in glee.
Sunset hovers softly.
Spellbound mouths consume
drop by drop.

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