Our Gang

Depression’s defiant face.
Embrace of power as tribute.
Craven entrained impulse.
Brutal howl.  Jangling
puppets at puppy play
bite, brawl, entangle,
grab and tussle,
growl, muscle in for the kill.
Bloodlust aroused.
Natural as puke, as death,
as dung.
Violation, ecstatic orgy of defiling violence,
initiation to the brotherhood.
Communal survival elevated to ideals; benign goals,
careful weighing of coin and hours,
dependable promises, actions that honor can favor,
love, duty, allegiance to the rules of sanity
and kind regard
have no sanction here.
Men of blood and battle fluid
need no noble speeches, no valor —
merely feed and receptacles
for their waste.

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