Neural Circus

variant chromatic sweep.
symbols of ancient trade gaily parade
for pleasure,
coax wry smiles, stage tears.
better than life, shaped to tease
out sinuous spirit.
cleverly she spins, sways,
catches a whirl of trance.
it is her blood, her taste of iron
and butter,
salt, serene.
the thrill is in the liberation,
the rushing and tumbling
fall, plunge, unobserved, unexpected,
trick of the eye laid bare.
small, awkward, out of sync,
puckish secrets strive to
creep into sight, to misbehave
for acknowledgement.
is such sincere frightened ardor
this bright moon midnight,
come alive, enter the circus.
mirror fly on the wire.
transfix as incantation.
free, beneath galaxies,
perform for
sui generis gleeful applause.

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