Dharmic Drama

Billions of souls
intermingle, interacting,
playing out roles
through life ever-lasting.
Careen through crises, peril,
hardship’s scars.
Never let die until the end
of their contracted scene,
then by any artful means
directed by dharmic drama
Swift float etheric essence
touched to this crusty globe
tingles with stardust.
Slow growth crystalline clarity
dangles short glimpse serenity
before shudder shake confusion.
Fantasy shroud confounds
vision unbounding.
Back thrust, into the thickening crowd,
to gasp on material purgatory,
malice and dread buzzing. 
Swooning to the stench 
of burning flesh.
Was that me?
Flashing in and out of bliss,
ghostly voices blend as chorus
“”Respect the fire that keeps you warm.
Enjoy the calm.
Enjoy the storm.”
I enjoy the frenzy
caught up in ecstatic brutality,
beating, faster, faster 
than my heart can be broken;
transubstantiation, bleeding internally 
onto the scripted page.

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