best wishes

A wish
to be welcome part of the family Artist,
requisite on invitation list to clan dinners,
celebrations, ceremonial fests.
A wish
a trusted confidante,
or three,
who cherish me, intrinsically enjoy
my dervish projections into poetics, philosophies.
A wish
free relinquish of responsibility,
severance of embarrassing foibles,
of mishaps as sin, as identified by my insecurity.
A wish
Endlessly expansive beauty.
Deep azure reflection,
whirling stars,
impeccable confection, 
glorious radiance.
A wish
Sincere tears and cuddling embrace,
a soft enduring face,
adoration’s amazed shine animates
bewitching eyes – blessings elysian wide.
A wish
euphoric rides, uplifting winds
glide of magical empowerment, to excite,
with every shadow, feat, encounter.
I wish you believe
and succeed
in wishing.

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