Evening Prayer

So sensitive, fragile, rare flower beyond price.
A boon to true elation, love and grace.
May you blister in pure agony beyond a thousand hells.
May life kick you to the curb and curse your name.
We demons, devils’ minions, mites, mosquitos, vampire shells
thrive on hate and sorrow, grief and pain.
We call to you for pity; prey on your earnest care.
Your innate fairness ill prepares against our actions most unfair.
We strangle you with hope and use you as a stair.
You’d best believe in crisis lies your fate.
Fall above.  Lift center stage. 
Become a sage of self-salvation.
Believe in you as imaged in your unseen inner eye.
The place where we can’t touch you; where you heal.
Find the rhythm, find the mantra, find the song that sets you free.
Replace toxic myth with a sweet reality.
Envision potent symbols take you where you long to be.
Create strong music from your tortured cry.
Let that peaceful, joyful fortune become real.
Let it be.

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