Gods Plan

It’s no flaw, no conundrum, no mistake —
floods, famines, pestilence, war, plagues.
Nor some just retribution, due pay for failure
to achieve.
Moments come and go, leave consequence or no.
Sterling plans, worthy gains require diamond
focus, patience, aurous brains, hearts of stealth.
Presuppose worlds expire, deplete, bleed out slowly.
Our kind, dependent on Earthly wealth
to breed, to feed, to breathe must
own, rule, control.
Depressed undersouls, more feeble than we, who
labor out their days never able to buy freedom,
lose usefulness to technology, less and less
we need them to take up space, to eat and waste,
to ruin our view, to spit disgraceful slurs, to pretend
their concerns are ours.

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