Green Magic

Ancient prototypes etched into collective retina.
Vast vegetation, expansive cure for distressed
neural cells.
Casting outward.  Hope for connection
to sacred ground, profoundly real.
Reborn to forest,
nurtured in nativity.
Green, deep healing green.
Fear is a thrill.
Rush anticipation of danger.
Piquant romance with what might kill or maim
or carry dread.
Warnings fill imploding head; adrenalin syncopates heart.
Fear, a crossroad to start from,
then taunting groves to hide behind.
Fear can dazzle, delay, explain years of wasted time.
Any sufficiently
advanced efficiency of
chemistry, natural
technology, exchange of toxic breath for
benign symbiotic ecology.
(No college degree could assure
so lush a life.)
So sad that we only see what we expect.
Trained to tragedy, to forget the best
that could be manifest.
Sagacious find a quiet relaxed pace.
Days drift and wander.
Daring to explore pleasure, infinite awareness.
Leisurely share what feels genial, good, light.
sane endocrine bath
tranquil electricity
synapses smile
Happiness –
Captivatingly fleeting, unexpected as
coming upon a gorgeous serenity that abruptly halts
all complaint; enraptured —
so in love with this moment.
Vital we know, hold consciousness,
“It’s possible!”  This bliss experience.
Glorious, revels to carry through
lean days between.
More than possible, a commonality, even in response
to simple stimuli, gentle release
despite pervasive pestilence, terror,
boredom, defeat.
I want this for you, my close associate: to feel sheer presence
a joyful Wow!;
or how could I be
Lazy Bella turns, laughs, waves:
“Enjoy the journey.”
Squanders hours, shamelessly
wanders unfazed.
Lazy Bella laughs, turns to wave:
“Enjoy your show.”
Squanders hours, brain wanders
focused on fun.
Lazy Lucy (in the sky) —
villain exemplified:
self-indulgent, stupefied, unreliable.
Can’t deny your lesser nature.
Only anti-establishmentarians deify ideals distasteful,
so wasteful of divine effulgence.
He desires us industrious, servile.
Less than full attendance reviled.  Why?
Abhor the concept of free ride.
Have you no pride?  Bugs beneath consideration.
Indigence defaults to sin, sad outcast.
Postulation: We need more laziness.
Too lazy to bother with evil.
Too lazy to interfere with people
being people.
Too lazy to prevaricate, shill for hate,
devastate innocent civilians
to elevate noblesse cause.
Too lazy to legislate excessive laws.
Too lazy to project self-flagellator flaws, to bother
to pretend to perfection.
Pleasant respect for nonproductive hours of blissful
reflection, extending perception,
delicious play under sun, merry rain, laughing clouds.
Praise laziness as ours.
No shame allowed.
Attention shift from factious plastic toys
to sensate enjoyment.
value exchange
first level rewards
encouragement, applause
celebration, recreation
respectful regard
creative collaboration



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