Dragon Shills

Of course there are no demons.
They are fictitious myth, fablers’ wares.
And Dragons are not fearful, not evil, never
terrifying agents of injustice, conveyors of imparity.
Dragons rise, glide, inspire awe;
are majestic, lovers of beauty,
protectors of frail humanity, distribute peace,
prosperity, gifts of diligent husbandry.
Their hellish flame, but a clever demonstration, a show.
So entertaining, so brilliant a display for us below.
Yes, they soar and claim vast territory as their own;
their largesse dependent on wide airways for discharging
smoke and fire, open plains to spread immense wings.
We wouldn’t want them cramped, self-singed, inconvenienced.
Dragons, special beings, above our meted stations, oversee,
keep our village tucked and safe, productive, running right.
Insinuate our primal lizard brains persuasively, teach these
hungry, humble children to feed their might.



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