Trained in Self-betrayal

It’s not that sex is sin, foe of moral purity,
or euphoric nature’s gifts oppose
All That Is Holy.
Oligarch profit model controls labor
through onus of dependents;
coital relations must issue descendants.
(Biblical rendition fit to
Providential vision, stoic capitalism
based on self abnegation
rather than a healthful view of wealth.)
Hooked on corporate patent medicine.
Squeezed to produce stock enriching energy.
See our computer graphic charts:
“A work of Art!” too valued to despoil with your
(I’m sure)
petty mortal cares.  Education must
inculcate pecking order projections —
hide useful information behind well
developed lies.
(So beware, latent truths will fade as you awaken.)
Virulent slime fed in work stations and schools,
popular entertainment snacks,
our patented brew,
captivating memes
perfume the air,  reinforce deception’s rule.
It can’t possibly be slavery if we make you believe:
You own you.



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