Falling in love has a lot to do with the MEETING.
    That ineffable configuration of time and space 
        and receptive psyches.
    It only happens when you least expect it;
    and are most ready.
    Getting ready consists of  
    totally engaging in your own thing.
    Digging on yourself.
    Playing in tune with the universe.
    And feeling softly horny — if you can dig it.
    Least expecting consists of 
    enjoying perfection of happiness,
    at one with the moment —
    neither expecting nor fearing.
    At this point, you are ready for the
    And it will flow along so smoothly 
        and just rightly
    that you won’t even notice ‘til much later
    just how magical it was.
    There is still plenty of good old-fashioned magic. 
        Ubiquitous, if you can hitch onto it.
    Magic is what love is all about
    — that imperceptible cement that binds
    freely floating atoms or organisms
    against all odds.
    consists of you
    and another
    and everything around and within you
    from the beginning of days until now
    which has been gathering forces
    to bring you and that other together.
    And you know that wondrous soul without explanation.
    And right here is such special THERENESS.
    And you both have everything to say
    and explore at once.
    And it’s so exciting.
    And you’ve found love’s buoyant cloud
    miles above the Earth.
    And Everything is somehow beautiful.
    What happens next is up to you.



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