Binary stars blink celestial song.
Music of spheres, of oblongs, ellipses.
Twinkle far beyond constant of light.
Cycles within spirals, rhythms within
phases of rhyme; sly eternity’s tricks
of repetition and mutation.
Crystallized, brought to sublime fruition.
Poets taste, translate cosmic recipes,
tongue to tongue.
There is purpose in the soar and descent.
Aviation over rocky terrain,
entranced by sea curl, currents,
shore tides charmed by Moonfolk.
There is magic in the swoon,
dizzy heights,
charismatic ecstatic galaxies.
Bent, sowing seed below,
stumbling among jarring rocks,
tilling soil,
carrying water,
stirring mud into food;
blind, veil entrenched, exhausted from dire falling, 
meager air.
Peak touchpoint of glory
intently aware above the waves



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