Imprints, ancient memory trail.
Mundane tasks among kiosks, stalls.
Discharge parking tickets.
Elect a porcelain sacrifice, gift
to exchange for party favors.
Drunk on flat champagne.
Affected hipster canapés, lush
kisses in smoky corners,
muss of silks, mingled perfumes
carefully careless, free for
the lingering.
Theatric tableau gay and tragic. 
Serfs’ daily drama.
Knives to throats.
Arcane jawbones slaver self-import.
Rip roar of fabric masked by jungle drums.
Catching on, lurch forward
from a lack of there.
Spirals bare of centers.
No fudgy surprise, no reward
for service, no perfect paradise.
If the price is deception,
what are we selling?
A tiny sparkling wish opens a wider
whole.  Sudden reflective regard.



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