And so it came to pass.
Times were grim, grimy,
evil devilishly at play.
We told ourselves
thus has it ever been.
Cancerous slime breeds
on starving misery.
Daily beat, to squeeze the blood
from sorry calluses
with rusty spikes.
“Undulate for us; feed frenzied appetite.
Such beautiful rigor.
Jump to please like wired toys,
we shelve or employ
by favored whim.  Divine destiny,
assigned wunderkind of wealth
define the game.”
Stained minstrel clowns
dressed to allure jealousy.
Taught by whip to angle
through set paces
until contorted organs
breathe no more.
Rituals of sacrifice
allow no balm, no water for revival.
Threat shackles slaves
packaged and sold
to the grandest bid.
Despised children suckle, decline
on poisonous hypnotic commands.
But it came to pass —
not to last over eternity.
Urgent lessons learned, we advance
class by class
as folk below commence to rise
beyond ignorance.



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