Of an Age

Two old men
at ease under a banyan tree
share musings of philosophy,
their darkest nights, coldest days.
Was Nietzsche right?
Did life amaze us
with frightful beauty?
Did we survive precious trials
to reap rewards,
treasure we could never find
without misfortune as clever guide
into a promised land?
Magical lovers through wondrous ecstasies,
dared fantasies come true.
Sons marching off to war,
a father’s pride.
That sickening loss and horror
when they died.
Derision flung from socialites
on fallen streets, defeated.
The dismal sight one becomes
once all hope has retreated.
Before and after,
that haunting laughter
never ends.
Yet, faith can be replaced;
better friends may follow;
true amends may allow
new strategies to form.
Deafening nightmare, desperate storm
give way to rainbows, peaceful dawns.
Two old men,
weathered, withered, wise.
Listen, be risen,
by the music in their eyes.
Surfaced in gentle loving smiles
echoes of poetry
upon the cave walls
of their minds.



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