Foundational to rights,
firm genitor beneath ideas like
rule of law
we find community
and all our masks
and stories.
Wise elders in tribal past
devised mythic ritual,
stomping into Earth,
with land
of propinquity, sacred space.
I see your face,
study the lines and lessons
life has given.
Do you grieve the scarlet
streams of so unnecessary
missed cues,
fear itself,
unexpected ripples of results,
distress of guilt?
If life were simple
childish agonies
dispelled with dawn’s
bright kiss,
we would laugh
so happy to know
mistrust, cross-talk
easily sorted out in counsel.
Cast of collaborative cells,
congregated to empower,
we could harness the Sun, Moon,
birth of expansive Universe,
nurturing our responsiveness to grow.



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