Arising from Diffraction

Colder than the weather
and unsettled,
under collective oceans, scuttling claws.
Ill-content to follow temporal laws,
I ride moonbeams along neuro-electric
distracted from segmented scenes.
Extended feelings report well.  No nauseous meds,
no precious moments ignored to awe some
foreign-speaking doctor’s presence.
Forever short-circuited, my essence
traded chronic pain
for devils’ staccato dancing through my brain.
Meditation, mediation, Buddha’s great epiphany:
mindful liberation.
Join us!  Joyous! The perfect wave.
Milky bright foam carrying home
what remains
after battles and grief.
Our place of safety
fragile, contingent on
Subaqueous protected crevices
hide special eyes
immune to humanity’s
fashion fascinations.
Intent upon
defense against
hungry beasts,
angry gods;
I can’t help you while
you deny
my existence.



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