Instant Sensory Gratification

        new grown forest
        everglad waft of glades
        unspun greenery
        thicket hidden needles
        direct wilderness
    Boogie out the tension
    Play act the dramatic encounters of local feuds
    scream & scream & scream & don’t stop screaming
        until your throat bleeds revulsion
        until the ambulance has overtaken
        until the straitjacket has tired 
            and strapped you ill
    until the whole scene disappears
        relight a candle
        remake a movie
        repair a lonely heart
        realize a moment, an hour, a week, a season
        reassure a friend
  Absolution      Absolution
Create a memory    Create a vision
Create hysteria    Create a cure for cancer
Create a comedy    Create a belief system       
     Create anxiety                 Create ecstatic peace
        Touch    Touch    Touch   Touch
        War Games                   Lovers’ Quarrels
        Price Gouging               Heavy Metal
                      Tongue Lashing
        Reprieve, Retrieve, Repentant
    Typeset Onomatopoeia Poesis  Infant Death   Mortality
        Rectify    Vilify    Verify
        Sigh out



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