Full Moon Reflection

What if the bravest among us,
people of sight, honeyed of tongue
dare decry illusion, set faith
and vision free.  In love with the Moon,
acrobats of imagination,
we would sail away on midnight streams,
sing of heroes, fair history.
None could deny us this jubilation, this
excitement of delight.
I wish I may, I might ride such mystery.
Full Moon Reflection
I could
if I willed it
go inward.
Beyond stratosphere,
infinite bliss,
the whole of the real.
I let go; I feel
eternity pulls me,
grasps my ambient air
into awareness.
All ways my destiny
incandescent transcendence,
resplendent artist’s ecstasy.
in these moments,
stuck in migrating vibrations.
Attached to this Earth,
mired (but not beyond mirth,
cosmic inspiration)
to miasmic
throes and woes.
Undefined transformation,
laborious birth.
I am dignified, made whole.
Service to vision:
corroded, corrupted,
yet shining below that pitted surface
I see
and uncover the light



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