Taking Flight

Enchanted light flowing from fairytale castle windows
flash bright embers quaintly reflective
flare out along protective moat.
Secrets savor sunset flight.
Spread like geese in gleeful migration.
Taking heart, taking soul, taking grand gestures of
woeful insanity, leaping from star-studded heights.
caught in precious glow
too close to moonshine.
There is salvation in enchantment;
safely emitted through fairytale castle windows,
floating embers taking flight once outside of vision’s range.
Secretly dispelled, free of formation, leaping
from imagined heights, breaking reflection.
Quaint expression.  Geese gaggling on the wing.
Bleak break, enchantment trapped on 
savage executioner’s pyre.
Burnt sunset’s grand gesture, release, reprieve.
Secrets gently bleed into fairytale moat,
fondly wave, gleefully take flight.
Burning out beyond sunset, starry migration.
Windows open onto spreading reflection,
gentle flow, free ascension, wondrous light.



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