tidal attraction/traffic jam

tidal attraction
Is the tide coming in
to wash my footprints
from the shore?
I must dance up a storm,
harness the last of my power,
hedonistic abandon
enticing Poseidon
to encompass my cause.
traffic jam
Flitting along swift edge of highway
scarf maroon and grey grasps/releases
miasma-blue sky. Attention compromised,
an eye blink.
Hill slippery  under
sprinkle of green magenta leaves.
Theater neon insinuates
bright flashes.
Distant lightning.
Winds whip, sing
Anxious scans past adjacent shoreline.
Waves break,
reveal snaps of treasure.
Once, walking barefoot over
city glass and excrement.
Twice, made to kneel in pain
disguised as genuflection.
Thrice, cautioned against
river crossing due to corrosive
No clear, well-illumined path
enablement, empowerment, entitlement.
Symbols convey histories
up the hill,
over the horizon,
through the crowded thoroughfare
caught up in fleeting thought
stopped in a clog of traffic.
Signpost in the fog.
Thick dry-ice blue billow emits formulations.
Liminal, portals
rise back, diminish time,
disarrange context.
Sear of light, brutal panic.
Quiet.  High-pitched sonic
badger through, bleat, repeat.
Hungry dogs of shame,
howl, mewl, sickening
sly reprisal.
Regurgitated, bilious
taunts, trolling rejection, rolling for wealth
each imagined filthy projection.
Exit demands change in lieu of judgment.
It could all disappear at any moment.
Or appear quite differently attired.
Rise, plunge.
Magnificent purples, reds, violets explode.
Spray painted backdrop
sets the stage.
Each prop in orderly procession,
decision granted,
lines move forward
as the next random impasse
progresses, coalesces.



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