That was about pulling out
splintered agony.
Grab malignant litany.
Cut it clean,
discovering freedom
acceptance of pain.
Now is a different terrain.
A seeker’s quest, deeper layers of essence.
Unfathomed firmament foundation exudes
succulent spice.
Aeons diving for pearls beyond price,
metaphoric treasures
fashioned on shores of paradise,
sunlit gleams and promises.
Slow rise, serpentlike, sleek, shameless.
Protective mountain caves hide
glistening jewels, elicit dangerous
Cockfights, tragedies,
Slaughtering geese, expecting
to own golden eggs — what comedy!
Shake well with laughter;
at last, relief!
In private sleep dwells
ever changing,
ever entrancing.
It’s a little game I play,
describing shades of ecstasy.
Transcribe the coin of nether land,
obtaining meaning.



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