Mirage of clouds dissolves, resolves
into pointillist park scene.  People
waft along; harp-like song.
Voices lift proud breeze, exultant air.
Wish ourselves there.
Drifting out on a sunshine day.
Leaping hearts/meandering artists
keep faith to a wayward tune.
Weep for May and June.  Shake off
empty promises —
Praise me well; tell me pretty lies.
i seal my eyes that none may force my vision,
steal my wisdom, exorcise false demons
i desire.  That none may steal my fire
or repel what only i can deliver,
sign or reveal . . .
I am in awe.
Prostrate in acceptance
of power She bestows me
by deliverance of Her holy kiss.
Persistence of integrity
resounds in every fiber
I breathe in
without resistance.
My exhalation
is the stuff of bliss
Breathe with me.
Essence expands, imprints,
absorbs, embraces.
Exquisitely, receive.
Burning away my sins
Burning away my sins
Great expanse of flame redeems.
Cleanses, caresses, castigates me.
All we have imagined.
All we have denied.
Purify with fire.
Exonerate in roar of solar flare.
Destiny’s desires released as glowing embers
ignite transcendent air.
Several months ago on a journey
I marveled at the birch trees
standing erect yet bowed.
A majesty of mystery and virtue.
Marveled, I standing, bowed, yet striving
against the multi-hued sky.
Birch trees
and vast variety of weeds and flowers
wild in the sun, the shade, against the highway,
moving I to I in the twilight
anticipating memories to come.
Warm, melting sunshine,
ripe to absorb luscious
elation, charismatic support.
I present as a true acolyte,
not on my knees in supplication,
but supine, open to exalted exportation.
A gift of grace
beyond bargain or price.
Outside of margined space,
held deeply in Her heart. Divine
grant, lucid respect and affection
that I might thrive.
That I might gift …

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