Fire Trance

Far above seer’s emerald majesty
— Quick kiss of heaven.
Sinking in a quicksand hell —
    Is there salvation?
Fade as light returns to hearth —
   passions awaken.
Feel gently the fire; it walks on crystal tiptoe.
Hardly moving, slowly melting.
And it comes to you now in lovers’ meeting.
Makes love to you now;
sings hymns to you now, of tomorrow.
Craziness is all you’ll ever know.
Take the time to map the way you’ll go.
It may come much too fast, recede too slow,
leave you clinging to hollow meaning.
Drifting through the wilds of time
’til all you’ve left to touch is rhyme.
When all your words are left behind,
what will you whisper?
I’ll join in echo songs still unsung.

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