Careening through space
    My hair in the air
    My eyes in the skies
    My mind everywhere.
    And where am I now?
    This space has no end
    This space has no meaning
    It twists and it bends
    It has no dimensions
    Of order nor time
    I have no suspension
    I fall as I climb
    I twist and I spin
    So breathless, and . . . Wow!
    This space has no meaning —
    I’m part of it now . . .
In becoming I became
On believing once again
Showed my valiance, wandered in, took a chance.
And though it isn’t very clear,
Stayed a week and then a year,
and then forever stayed in rapture to the dance.
Once those mornings out of bed
dropped a pill to clear my head,
ate another for the road, to run in place.
Gave my notice to the Man.
Sold my house and bought a van
And ran away to join the human race.
Shine on brightly, great star of gold.
    I’ll never mark my spirit sold.
Blaze on boldly, great silver sky
    Gonna live until I die.

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