question of belief

They asked me, you know, do you believe?
I had to say “depends on what you mean”
’cause there’s a difference between
that everyday believin’
of down tread crap we be receivin’
on tv, at family meetings, on the street, and all
that biblical chum they want us to swallow
so they can say we do God’s Plan.
He’s the one to service; He’s the Man.
When you think you ain’t gettin’ what yer worth
or have other disputations with yer deal on this Earth,
He’s gonna make it all right in the great by and by.
Hosts of Hallelujahing angels in the sky
for yer ghost’s sake. So don’t go blame law makers
for yer losing case.
Just bow and scrape and count on divine Grace
to save your soul.
Yeah, I believe.
I believe you get what you demand,
with the power of living voices, people
linking hand in hand
spanning a world in continual

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